• Requirements to join this level/you have to be able to:

    - Understand and use the Regular and Irregular verbs in the Present Tense

    - Be able to express desire, obligation and need.

    - You'll be able to express emotions and feelings

    - You'll learn the Simple Past (Pretérito Indefinido) and the markers of time (desde/desde hace/por, etc) to talk about your life, past travels and specific moments in time.

    - Your house and prepositions of place.

    - Ask for things, favors and permission.

    - "Pretérito Perfecto" (he comido, he hablado, etc) for recent past actions.

    - Apologize for something, give excuses, calm someone.

    (Units 1-5 from Aula Internacional 2)


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    What you'll see in this course

    - Food: Likes and preferences, recipes, measurement vocabulary, Direct and Indirect Object pronouns.


    - You'll be able to value experiences in the past and wish for the future.


    - Give and ask for advice, talk about your emotions and physical state (parts of the body, diseases, going to the doctor, etc).


    - Talk about your habits and routines in the past, when you were a child or in a specific moment in time, historical periods.


    - Tell stories in the past. The contrast between the pasts.


    (Units 6-10 Aula Internacional 2)

    More info about the books

    The books for this course are: Aula Internacional PLUS 2

    You can buy them online at:








    Or you can try (online or in person):


    -ABC (Spui plein)


    Click here to see the book

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