• Requirements to join this level/you have to be able to:

    -Understand and use the Regular and Irregular verbs in the Present Tense

    -Be able express desire, obligation and need.

    -Talk about plans in the future

    -Use the expressions "muy/mucho" y know how to tell them apart

    -Express pain

    -Be able to conjugate the "Pretérito Perfecto" (he comido, he hablado, etc)

    What you'll see in this course

    -Pretérito Indefinido: To talk about a specific action in the Past, a finished, limited action. Talk about past holidays, improve vocabulary.
    - Permisos y favores: ask for and give permission. Ask for a favor. Give orders or instructions
    -Hacer, aceptar y rechazar invitaciones-
    (make, accept, decline an invitation) in person or on the phone.Travelling: means of transport, ask for directions, ask for location of different areas in a city.
    -Objets: description, shape, size,colour, etc.
    -Introducción al Pretérito Imperfecto: Regular verbs in Pretérito Imperfecto ("comía", "hablaba") for routines in the past.

    More info about the books

    The books for this course are: Ele Actual A2 libro del alumno and Ele Actual A2 cuaderno de ejercicios.

    You can buy them online at:









    Or you can try (online or in person):


    -ABC (Spui plein)

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